Scores and Music

On this page you’ll find resources designed to help you learn the alto, tenor, or bass.

Each tune has a PDF file with the words and music, which you can view on screen or download and printout.

Then there are four sound files that may be useful for each voice.

  • The tune in four-part harmony with all voices at equal volume (track 1). Start with this if you’re not familiar with the tune.
  • A solo recording for each voice. Listen to this to learn the alto (track 2), tenor (track 4), or bass (track 6).
  • Four-part harmony, but with the alto (track 3), tenor (track 5), or bass (track 7) dominant to help you get familiar with singing in harmony.
  • Four-part harmony, but with the sopranos dominant (track 8). In congregational singing the majority of people will sing the soprano as the main melody, so this could help you to get used to singing alto, tenor, or bass even while you are in the minority.

You can either play them in your web browser or download the file to any device. To download a sound file try one of the following:

  • In a desktop browser right click on the sound file you want to save, then click on “Save link as…” to download the file.
  • On a smartphone tap and hold the sound file you want to save, then “Download link” to save the MP3.

Psalm 42 Genevan

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Psalm 116 | Wallace (PDF download)

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