Scores & Psalms


All scores are produced with Musescore. You can download PDFs or the Musescore files to use or edit. A few of the tunes have been transposed and harmonies tweaked.


If not from the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalms, words come from the Genevan Psalter, Sing Psalms, and occasionally elsewhere as indicated.


The audio accompanying most of the Psalms below was recorded during the first lockdown when church services went on-line. We had to choose between pumping out YouTube clips or five of us singing live at a microphone built for one. For better or worse, we chose the latter. It was impossible to persuade Windows 10 not to hijack the microphone, causing wild volume fluctuations, so although the spikes in the audio files have been levelled, there’s no way of fixing the rattly speaker noise.

Three of the recording are from Lydia & Samuel’s wedding, held in Dunblane Cathedral during July 2023. Those recordings are a from a mix of lapel microphone and smartphone recordings.

Psalm 13 | How long will you forget me LORD? | St Columba

Psalm 25 | Lord, for you my soul is longing | Genevan Psalter

Psalm 42 | As a deer that longs for water | Genevan Psalter

Psalm 90:13-17 | Return O LORD! | Song 46

Psalm 106:1-5 | Give praise and thanks unto the LORD | Dunfermline

Psalm 118 | O thank the LORD for he is good | Song 34 (Singing & Reading)

Psalm 121 | I to the hills will lift mine eyes | French (Marriage Service in Dunblane Cathedral)

Psalm 128 | How blessed are those who fear the LORD | Warrington (Marriage Service in Dunblane Cathedral)

Psalm 130 | Lord, from the depths to thee I cried | Martyrdom

Psalm 138 | I’ll praise your LORD with all my heart | Duke Street (Marriage Service in Dunblane Cathedral)