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… and right now, we’re not one of those churches struggling under the weight of an over-burdened events calendar, but we do meet on Sunday at 11am for worship and normally also at 10am to study some aspect of Bible teaching.


Morning Worship

In recent months we’ve been studying Luke’s Gospel during our Sunday morning services. You are welcome to join us for worship at 11am in our church building at 11 Dens Road to worship God and hear his Word. This is how we expect our calender to be for the next few weeks.

23 February 20201 Corinthians 11:17-34Philip Ross
1 March 2020Communion ServicePhilip Ross


What does the Bible teach about…

Most weeks we meet before our morning service at 10am to discuss the Bible’s teaching about key doctrines of the Christian faith.

During 2018-2019 we used the Westminster Confession of Faith, which became the confession of the Reformed church in Scotland in 1647, and remains the confession of many Scottish churches, as the template for our study. That meant we covered everything from the nature of the Bible to the day of judgment.

Having finished that study in October 2019, we moved on to the subject of prayer and how we can use the Lord’s Prayer as a pattern for our own prayers.

We also have an occasional overview of the books of the Bible, allowing a few weeks in between for people to read through all the chapters.

Everyone is welcome to join us at 10am to contribute to the discussion or just to listen.

Here is a list of what is coming up, though we don’t always get through the material as quickly as we expect, so this can change.

23 February 2020Using the Lord’s Prayer as a model
1 March 2020No meeting