We meet every Sunday at 11am.

Most weeks we also meet beforehand at 10am
to discuss the Bible’s teaching about key doctrines of the Christian faith.

Subjects for study and preaching normally appear here during the preceding week.

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Kingdom Etiquette

It is difficult to know how to distinguish the various units of thought from Luke 5:27 on into chapter 6. Do verses 33 to 39 fit more easily with 5:27-32 or 6:1-11? There are certainly common themes that bind the last two sections of chapter 5 together. Jesus’ behaviour raises all sorts of questions for the Pharisees, but the focus is on food. First, ‘Why do you eat…?’ (v. 27-32), and second, ‘Why do they eat…?’ (33-39). Jesus’ answers to those questions will reveal much about himself and his kingdom.