We meet every Sunday at 11am.

Most weeks we also meet beforehand at 10am
to discuss the Bible’s teaching about key doctrines of the Christian faith.

Subjects for study and preaching normally appear here during the preceding week.

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That you may know…

Chapter 5 of Luke’s Gospel begins with a description of how Jesus calls Peter into his service. An extraordinary fishing trip leaves Peter so overwhelmed with a sense of Jesus’ greatness that he pleads with him, ‘Depart from me for I am sinful man, O Lord.’ Jesus answers him with a ‘Fear not,’ which deals with Peter’s problem and ‘from now on’ Peter serves Jesus. But the ‘Fear not’ does not really explain how it solves the problem of Peter’s sinfulness. Does a ‘Fear not’ from Jesus have any real value when the problem is sin? Verses 12 to 26 say that it does, first because Jesus is willing to make clean (v. 12-16), and second because he is able to forgive (17-26).